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Top 4 Account Alerts to Manage Your Finances

Keeping track of checking account withdrawals and deposits used to be an ongoing manual task. Thankfully, the advent of online banking and email and text notifications have made managing your finances easier than ever. There’s no more waiting for a monthly statement to verify purchases and outstanding payments. With automated account alerts, you know instantly where things stand. If you’ve ever had trouble keeping track of your account balance, setting up account alerts can help you better manage finances and avoid over-drafting.

What are Account Alerts?

Account alerts are an effective tool to keep you in the know about a variety of account activities. Typically, you can choose the types of activity you want to know about, how to receive those alerts - via text message, push notifications, or email - and how frequently you get those updates. These push notifications allow you to receive important account information without having to go looking for it. No more calling the Credit Union to ask what your balance is and what transactions might be pending. No more logging in every day to check your account balance. Account alerts help you manage your finances like a pro and help you stay on top of your debits and withdrawals.

Top Account Alerts You Should Set

With the amount of account alerts available, which ones are the most important? We recommend the following four account alerts to manage your finances:

Low Balance Alert

Everyone’s idea of a low balance is different. The beauty of a low balance alert is that you set the threshold. If your balance dips below it, you’ll get a notification of where things stand.

Direct Deposit Alert

There’s nothing like that feeling when the paycheck hits your account. Instead of checking repeatedly, set a direct deposit alert so you’ll know the moment funding lands in your account.

Daily Balance Alert

Know how much money you have in your account on a regular basis. A daily balance alert is a great, at-a-glance notification to guide your transactions for the day.

Non-Sufficient Funds Alert

Even with other information about the status of your account, sometimes balances dip into the red. When that happens, a non-sufficient funds alert can help you immediately rectify the situation by making a transfer to cover expenses.

How to Set Up Account Alerts

It’s simple and quick to set up account alerts for your Orange County’s Credit Union checking. Just log into Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app to get started. We also created a step-by-step video to walk you through the process.



Let Orange County’s Credit Union checking account alerts help keep you in-the-know and take charge of your finances.

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