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5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

We take our mobile phones everywhere we go and depend on them for everything -- getting directions, taking pictures, texting, e-mailing, posting photos on Instagram, banking, and reading reviews. With all this information floating around in a single device, it’s important to make sure that your device is protected. Here are 5 ways to protect your mobile phone.

1.    Lock it.

Keeping your phone safe should it be stolen or lost is of paramount importance. All smartphones are equipped with some means to be locked. This can be a simple numeric code, swipe pattern, or password, or as advanced as a thumbprint scan or an iris scan. Keeping your phone locked and protected is a fast and easy step you can implement right away.

2.    Use Bluetooth® Technology Only When You Need It.

While Bluetooth is a great way to connect your phone to other devices like your computer, tablet, laptop, and even your car, it’s also a potential security vulnerability. Leaving your Bluetooth on all the time could leave you open to potential security threats. Instead, only turn on your Bluetooth when you need it. This might mean connecting it when you get into your car, and then turning it off when you enter a public place.

3.    Connect to Trusted Wi-Fi Locations.

Using Wi-Fi is a smart way to not eat into your carrier's data plan, but it too can be a security risk. Be sure to use trusted Wi-Fi connections, and avoid simply connecting to a Hotspot that you don't know because it doesn't require a password.

4.    Download Trustworthy Apps.

There are numerous apps out there, and like your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi usage, you want to make sure you trust the apps you’re putting on your phone. Consider the features the app will want to access on your phone. Beware of free apps from unknown sources that may require significant access to the data on your phone.

5.    Stay Current with Phone Updates.

Is your phone up to date with the latest software and operating system? Your phone’s manufacturer will often provide regular updates to help your phone run more efficiently and close any security loopholes that exist. Staying current with these updates is an easy way to help ensure your phone is protected.

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