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Exclusive Benefits

Mastercard Global Service

Mastercard Global Service provides worldwide, 24-hour assistance with Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Advance. Call Mastercard Global Service at (800) 622-7747 immediately to report your card lost or stolen and to cancel the account. If you need to make purchases or arrange for a cash advance, with the approval of Orange County's Credit Union, Mastercard will help you to receive a temporary card the next day in the United States and within two business days almost everywhere else. Remember, if you report your card lost or stolen, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized transactions on your account.

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Mastercard Priceless® Surprises

Mastercard rewards their card holders with prizes both big and small, always delivered in surprising and unexpected ways. When you use your Orange County's Credit Union Mastercard credit card, you are automatically entered for a chance to get a Priceless® Surprise, courtesy of Mastercard.

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Safe and Secure

Chip-enabled cards

Orange County's Credit Union issues credit cards with embedded EMV chip, which provides increased security and protection from fraud. Chip-enabled technology encrypts your transaction data, which makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access your card information. It also creates a one-time unique code when used at a chip-enabled register. This code adds an additional layer of fraud protection to your card. Rest assured, no personal information is stored in the chip.

EMV chip Frequently Asked Questions

Card Transaction Alerts

Enjoy real-time control over your Orange County's Credit Union Platinum Mastercard® through the Orange County’s Credit Union Card Control app. This dedicated app adds another level of security to your credit card by allowing you decide how and when it can be used, and alerting you when any types of transactions you specify take place. Use Orange County’s Credit Union Card Control to:

  • Control where, when, and how your Orange County's Credit Union Platinum Mastercard® is used
  • Turn your credit card on and off instantly from your mobile device
  • Limit spending amounts to reach budget goals
  • Restrict types of purchases

Download the Orange County’s Credit Union Card Control app to get started with alerts.

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Credit Card Transaction Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Liability

Zero Liability applies to your purchases made in the store, over the phone, online, or via mobile. When you shop using your Orange County's Credit Union Mastercard credit card, you have peace of mind because you're protected against unauthorized charges as long as:
1. You've used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and
2. You've immediately notified us when you knew that your Mastercard credit card was lost or stolen.
If you believe there's been unauthorized use on your account, please let us know right away. You can notify us of unauthorized purchases by calling (888) 354-6228 or stopping by a branch.

Certain restrictions apply. See for details.


Digital Convenience

Online Self-Service via MyCardInfo

MyCardInfo is a credit card account management tool, which is provided free of charge by Orange County's Credit Union. Access your account 24/7 to view your credit card transactions and statements, make a payment, request a balance transfer, set up automatic payments, submit fraud and dispute forms, and much more.

You can access MyCardInfo through your Orange County's Credit Union Digital Banking simply by clicking the Credit Card Account from your Online Banking Member account dashboard.

Digital Wallets 

Digital wallets provide a simple, convenient, and secure way to make purchases with your Credit Union debit or credit card. At the touch of a button, you can use your mobile device to make contactless purchases both online and at participating merchants wherever your card is accepted today. Simply add your Credit Union card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay® and start using your mobile device for faster and easier checkouts.

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Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated, used pursuant to a license.

Our cards utilize an added security feature, One-Time Passcode, when applicable, for online transactions using your debit and credit card. For full details about EMV 3DS Secure Code One-Time Passcode, click here.