Bill Payment

No Checks, Stamps, or Mail

Bill Payment can save you the hassle of handwriting checks and envelopes, plus sorting and storing paper bills every month. You have the convenience of receiving your bills online and a click of the mouse will send your payments to whomever you wish, whenever you wish. Now you can receive, view, manage, and pay bills on our secure web site.


Review the Bill Payment Disclosure

Set up your personalized Payee List.
You can include anyone - your mortgage loan company, utility, or credit card company. You can even pay individuals, such as family members or doctors.

Set up e-mail notifications
For e-Bill arrivals, due dates, and upcoming payments.

Schedule automatic payment parameters for your Payee List.
Set up one-time payment or recurring monthly payments.

We'll send the payments for you.
Either by mail or electronic transfer (depending on the payee's capabilities). No need for envelopes, stamps, or trips to the post office.

Run payment reports and create customized payment records.
All are kept on our secure servers for your review.

Best of all it's FREE to all members!
You must have a checking account with Orange County's Credit Union to enroll in our FREE Bill Payment service.

It's easy to enroll. Just log on to Online Banking and click on the Bill Payment button. Click on the "Click here to sign up for Bill Payment" link. Next, complete the brief online application and click the continue button. Review the online disclosure then click on the Agree/Accept button to accept the agreement. You will have access to Bill Payment immediately upon signing up.