Funds Availability

Where's My Money?
When you deposit a check, you might expect to be able to use the money account right away. But actually, there are a few important reasons why that doesn't always happen.

What is a deposit hold?
A deposit hold means we've credited your account for the check you deposited, but the funds are not available yet to spend. A hold typically lasts two business days. Once the hold is over, the funds will be available in your account.

Why is there a hold on my check?
There are a number of reasons a deposit may be placed on hold, including the source of the check, your account history, or the dollar amount or type of check that is being deposited. If your deposit is being held, we will always let you know.

Deposit holds may be inconvenient, but they're actually there to help protect you from fraud. We want to ensure that any checks you deposit are honored, so your account doesn't become overdrawn.

When can I spend the money from my check?
The availability date of your deposit is noted on your ATM or teller receipt. For most checks, the first $225 is available on the first business day after you deposit the funds and the remaining funds on the second business day. If you deposit a check at an Orange County's Credit Union ATM, the following amounts are immediately available per business day: $225 for Pacific, Sand Dollar, and Patron, $500 for Premier, and $1,000 for Platinum. Some checks may be available sooner or later, depending on the check that's deposited.

What about deposits through the mobile app?
When you deposit a check through our Mobile Banking app, funds from the check will be made available for your use on the second business day after we receive your deposit; however, longer delays may apply as outlined in our Funds Availability Policy.

How can I avoid a hold on future deposits?
The easiest way to avoid a deposit hold is to sign up for Direct Deposit. Your funds will be automatically deposited to your account and will be available immediately. The use of our Account-to-Account and Peer-to-Peer transfers can also expedite funds deposits.

For more details about check holds, please ready your Account Agreement about our Funds Availability Policy.