Important Tips

Here are some important tips to common questions about the new Digital Banking experience.

New Enhancements

Our teams have been working continuously to add features and functionality as requested by Members like you. Below you’ll find a list of our recent enhancements. Plus, click here to for a complete list.

  • Optimized display to work well and look great on different screen sizes.
  • Support mobile (smartphone and tablet) web browser to log in.
  • Simplified top and side menus making it easier to navigate.
  • Optimized speed for quicker navigation.
  • Added the option to connect Credit Union accounts to Quicken.

Preferred Browser Settings

While most modern web browsers will allow you to use the entire Digital Banking experience via your computer without any problems, we suggest the latest version of Microsoft® Edge, Firefox®, Chrome®, and Safari®. We don't recommend Internet Explorer. For best results, ensure your screen resolution is at least 1366x768.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

Please ensure your mobile device meets the supported operating systems: iOS 9.0 to iOS 12.1 or Android 4.1 to Android 8.1.


Mobile App

Where can I find the new Digital Banking App?
It's available on the App Store and Google Play. 




Can I export to Quicken?
Yes – You can a download a QFX or QBO file. Just click on the account name, then click the downward arrow (next to the print icon). Please note that Express Web Connect is coming soon. 


Log In/Username

Can I log in to Digital Banking using a mobile browser?
Yes – You can use the mobile device’s (phone and/or tablet) browser to enroll or log in to Digital Banking. For an optimal experience, we recommend you download the App on to your mobile device.

Can I log in using my thumbprint or face recognition?
Yes – Open the new Digital Banking App. Then, enter your username and password and toggle on the “Remember Me” feature. Tap the “Login” button. You’ll receive a pop-up message to select your default login method – password, thumbprint, or face recognition. (The options depend on your phone.)

You can also turn on the feature later. To do so, be sure that “Remember Me” is selected on the login screen.  Once you log in, choose "Settings" from the "Menu", then choose “Default Login”. Then, select your preferred method.

How can I change my username?
This option is currently not available.



Where can I find check copies?
You can find copies of checks, including bill payment checks, in the Account History. 


Bill Pay

What’s the Activate button?
This is a notification that you can set up an eBill for this payee. Once you click the button, you’ll be asked to enter your login information for this payee – we need this information so we can you access your payment information on the payee’s website.

Where can I find my bill payment history?
For bill payment history prior to February 25:

  • From your computer: Please view your Account History and click "Search". Then, click "By Transaction Type" and select "Bill Payments".
  • From the App: Please view your Account History and tap the icon in the "Search Transactions" field. Then, tap "Transaction Type" and select "Bill Payments".

For bill payment history after February 25, please go to the “Pay Bills” tab and select “History.”

How can I hide payees?
You have the option to delete payees. From your computer, go to the “Pay Bills” tab and select “Manage Payees.” Click the little downward arrow to the left of the payee. Now you’ll see the payee’s information. Click the “Delete Biller” link. Please note: Once you click “Delete,” it’s permanently deleted. Your bill payment history will only be available via Account History and Statements.

How can I set a default account for bill payments?
Once you select a checking account to make a payment, it will automatically default to this account for future payments. You can always change the checking account by selecting another account from the drop-down menu.

How can I print a bill pay confirmation?
This feature is currently not available.

  • From your computer: Take a screen print and print it out.
  • From the App: Take a photo of the image.

How do I know when the payee will receive my payment?
Use the calendar tool to determine the estimated delivery date and adjust the send date to ensure your bill payment arrives on time.

When is the money for a bill payment taken out of my account?
If the bill payment is paid electronically, the money is taken out of your account on the payment send date. If a paper check was mailed on your behalf, the money is subtracted from your balance when the payee cashes the check.

Will all account holders be able to view my Bill Pay information?
No — When an account holder (primary or joint) adds new information (e.g. bill payee) and schedules new payments/transfers, it will only be visible to that person. All account holders will be able to view completed payments/transfers via Account History.

Will all trustees and/or authorized signers be able to view Bill Pay information?
Yes — When new information (e.g. bill payee) is added and new payments/transfers are scheduled, it will be visible to all signers on a Trust and/or Business Membership.



How can I print statements?
From your computer, click the Menu button. Under “Accounts,” click on “Statements & Documents.” From there, select the account, statement type, and year. Then, click on the statement. Once the document opens up, click the print icon.

Tip: Make sure pop-ups are enabled for the site. If not, change your pop-up settings or click the little downward arrow next to the statement name to download it.


Dashboard View

How do I hide accounts?
Once you log in, you have the option to hide accounts and create a "Favorites" view. From your computer, click the three dots next to the account name and click "Tag As Favorite." Then, click the "Show Favorite Accounts" link from the "All Accounts" bar.


Learn more about the new Digital Banking:
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Dashboard view is available for personal accounts/loans only. Excludes Trusts, Business, UTMA,  and Representative Payee Memberships.
Digital Banking not available for Coogan and Court-Ordered Blocked Memberships.