Orange County's Credit Union is proud to have this group of qualified professionals serving its Members.


Board of Directors

  • Gary Burton, Chair
  • Victoria Beatley, Vice Chair
  • Christopher Chase, Treasurer 
  • Coleen Monteleone, Secretary
  • Dan Dillon
  • Frank Kim
  • Mike Jensen

Supervisory Committee

  • Maureen Li, Chair
  • Bob Geggie, Secretary
  • Gaylan Harris
  • Jason Motsick
  • Andrew Oftelie

Management Team

  • Shruti Miyashiro, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Amber Cisneros, Chief Member Experience Officer
  • Jonathan Nebot, Chief Financial Officer
  • Laura Thompson, Chief Information Officer
  • Jeff Harper, Chief Lending Officer
  • Rebecca Bower, Vice President, Organizational Development
  • Susan Huss, Vice President, Consumer Lending
  • Carlos Miramontez, Vice President, Mortgage Lending
  • Art Armas, Vice President, Business Services
  • Donald Carazo, Vice President, Member Services
  • Anne Marie Hamilton, Vice President, Investment Services and Insurance